Humanitarian, Entrepreneurship, Skill Development (HESDEV) Initiative is a capacity building Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) founded by Dr. Segun Ojarotade and incorporated in Nigeria (CAC/IT/NO 83664) with the sole aim of nurturing and building the capacity of individuals and organizations to enable them excel in their career, business and vocational endeavors.

Why HESDEV Initiative
As founder of Formazione Business School, Abuja, Nigeria, Dr. Segun Ojarotade, an in-demand Business Coach and Speaker who have worked with countless graduates, several businesses and organizations over the years and having identified the gap in Entrepreneurship and skill knowledge in our society through HESDEV Initiative intends to fill this gap.

Often times, due to lack of, financial resources, or lack of adequate sensitization, young people as well as organization do not strive to improve themselves or take up management, skill development and entrepreneurship courses in business schools, HESDEV Initiative is on a mission to create this awareness in order to provide modern day entrepreneurship and business Management skill to startups and growing entrepreneurs in Nigeria.