1. To promote and improve entrepreneurship, organize purpose driven seminars, workshops, conferences and vocation for the purpose of adding value to individuals both locally and internationally.
  2. To organize promotional services, entertainments and exhibitions
  3. To help young entrepreneurs achieve their dream and discover their talents and hidden potentials in them.
  4. To promote entrepreneur skills through partnership and collaboration with institutions and organizations.
  5. To enlighten and create awareness campaign to the public on entrepreneurship skill development.
  6. To organize entrepreneurship summits and awards locally and internationally.
  7. To help any organization, group or individual achieve their objectives.
  8. To fill the entrepreneurship gap between the formal and informal sectors and to improve the competencies and effectiveness of entrepreneurs.
  9. To grant membership opportunities of various categories for those in the field and other interested members of the public who are directly or indirectly involved in skill development and humanitarian services.