Our Humanitarian, Entrepreneurship and Skill Development programs include:

  • Career and Work Programs: We provide entrepreneurship and Leadership training, seminars and workshop to boost the career of an individual and strengthen organizations.
  • Skills Development and Idea Incubation: Where we help young people identify their innate abilities, capture their ideas, loft dreams and aspirations, nurture and develop them into skills, abilities and money-making ventures.
  • Financial Literacy: Where young people are taught the rudiments of money: including how money is made, kept and multiplied.
  • Mentorship Support: We Mentor and promote entrepreneurship skill.
  • Success Attitude Development: Where we work on quick fixed attitude of 21st century youth and exposed them to reality of life.
  • Entrepreneurship: Where young people are trained on starting and running their own businesses successfully.
  • Entrepreneurship Summit/Award: This is an annual event where we reward and encourage start up, growing and established entrepreneur.